Optimizing Workflow For A Regional Health Care Organization

The Problem

Technology in the healthcare industry undergoes continuous updates to allow organizations to comply with changing government regulations and meet customers’ customized requirements. This company’s executives turned to Agile to help it react and adapt to change easily and quickly. Leaders sensed that inefficiencies were preventing technology teams from reaching optimal performance, and they turned to Propeller for help. There was little consistency in how standards and best practices were defined and adopted across the enterprise, and our goals were to increase efficiency, recommend ways to simplify and improve workflow, establish best practices, and create a culture of continuous improvement.


The Approach

After conducting an in-depth analysis across various roles in IT, a program was proposed and developed to build and structure the components of continuous change. This included the execution of 25 work streams across seven projects with scopes ranging from process definition to best practice adoption, role standardization and data alignment. Agile offers an effective framework for responding to change, but it was also one of the organization’s main pain points – the healthcare leaders faced challenges in how Agile had been adopted and was being used. We helped increase adoption of Agile across development teams by making Agile standards clear, and we helped ensure that coaching was provided to drive higher-performing teams. The Propeller team created clear processes and developed change management capabilities, comprehensive dashboards and reporting, and an internal Agile evangelist team to propagate effective use of the methodology.

Services Provided


Value Delivered

Our team quickly synthesized its analysis into a phased, actionable plan that created consistency for teams, standardized processes and ultimately created a more adaptable, data-driven culture. After development and iteration, the client took ownership of the program, creating a new continuous improvement function within the organization.