Relocation & Modernization of a Territory Headquarter Office

The Problem

A Fortune 100 apparel maker needed to relocate one of its territory headquarters and sought to use the opportunity to create a new office environment for employees with an eye towards building in flexibility for diverse ways of working, revitalizing branding to connect employees to the company, and refreshing technology solutions.


The Approach

Propeller coordinated several workstreams and partnered with research groups that leveraged research for new ways of working and design workspaces accordingly. The design of bespoke brand installations helped drive company pride. New service offerings were explored to improve the interaction environment for employees, and technology solutions were adapted to the space to make it cutting edge. The team also facilitated employees’ relocation, supporting their adjustment to a new part of the city and acclimating to the new workspaces.

Services Provided

  • Workplace Design
  • Service Design
  • Technology Optimization
  • Project Management
  • Change Management

Value Delivered

Three new offices were created spanning approximately 37,000 square feet for 170 employees. Open floorplan with sit/stand desks were rolled out to meet employee requests. Installations were built to connect employees to the brand and add energy. Cutting edge technology solutions and new services were incorporated, included an honor system cafeteria for more efficient and cost-effective meal options.


Unique Workspace Types Added


Brand Touchstones Installed