Strategic Technology Platform Assessment and Solution Recommendation

The Problem

A national freight and logistics interchange needed help assessing the legacy technology platform used to manage their sales, billing, and subscription services management processes.  They had to decide whether to invest in upgrading the legacy technology stack, or in purchasing and implementing a new solution.

The decision was challenging because the system, data, and operational impacts of either solution option were unknown, as were the costs, risks, and expected timelines.  The client was looking for a holistic assessment and recommendation of what the most effective path forward would be, with supporting research and data.


The Approach

Propeller approached the work in two primary phases:  

1. Detailed process & data flow mapping
2. Solution definition, cost and schedule estimations.

Our team built the process and data maps through extensive interviews and working sessions with operational teams. The maps provided a clear view of current state, showing bottlenecks, redundant operations, data duplication, and opportunities for improvement. This helped focus the future state process definition.

Propeller then looked at the two solutions on the table from several angles: technical viability, long-term support considerations, level of effort (internal & external teams), and a holistic total cost of ownership analysis.

Services Provided

  • Process Reengineering + improvement
  • Technology Enablement + Implementation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Project Management
  • Strategy + Roadmapping

Value Delivered

Propeller collated all of its process and system assessment work into a comprehensive and annotated set of reference documentation for the client.

In addition, we identified the solution best for the client, providing the technology, operational, and cost justifications for our recommendation.

Key stakeholders included the VP of Technology, CEO and Board of Directors.  Propeller’s work kicked-off the largest IT project in years for the organization


Operational Process Flows Mapped


Core System / Data Flows Mapped

10 Years

Considered in TCO analysis

4 Months

To project completion