Jess Brown Linkedin

Senior Director of People Strategy

“It’s certainly not fun to lose, but it’s the experience and what you do with it that matters.”

Jess Brown can read the winds before most people know they’re blowing. As an avid sailor, she’s learned to think tactically and strategically while setting a course. But she’s also quick to adapt to changes: the wind could shift, someone could foul, something on the boat could break. She reacts swiftly and instinctively while integrating new information and conditions into her strategy. Regardless of the task at hand, Jess focuses on achieving results, tackling obstacles, and adjusting course as needed to achieve the end goal.

The ability to sense and respond to changes in her environment has helped Jess in her role as Director of People Strategy. In this position she is the ‘people’ person at the firm, responsible for leading efforts to grow and support the Propeller team of talent. Jess earned a bachelor’s degree in English and Political Science from the University of Oregon. 

  • Coolest thing she did when she was 8: Drove a firetruck
  • Alternate career path: Farmer
  • Undergraduate honors thesis topic: Irish poetry
  • First woman in her family to: graduate from college

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