Joy Castiglione Linkedin

Senior Creative Lead

“Work smarter, not harder.”

Joy is a translator, not of language and words, but of images and concepts. As the first designer at Propeller, she spends her days distilling business strategy down into visual analogies and metaphors. As a consummate baker and chef, Joy is adept at creating appetizing masterpieces from the rawest of ingredients. In both the kitchen and her professional career, Joy follows a process that is genuine, expressive, and yields results that consistently exceed expectations.

Joy’s work requires her to be proactive and highly perceptive. During her time at an agency, she drove design and marketing strategies and consumer trend research while also supporting photoshoots, videography, animation, and brand design. She’s freelanced as an art director and brand strategist with major corporations like Adobe and Adidas, and local businesses across Portland, including Smith Teamaker, Jacobsen Salt Co., and Love Bottle. Joy earned a BFA in communication design from the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

  • Long-lost cousin (according to genealogical reports): Beyoncé
  • Alternate career: Surgeon, Baker, Author, Video Game Designer...(did she mention she has a wide range of hobbies and interests?)
  • Favorite place to get lost: Powell’s Books

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