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“Implementing meaningful change is worth it, no matter how challenging it seems.”

Kelsey McAuliff takes pride in creating tangible business outcomes in the midst of complexity and ambiguity—and doing it all without causing adverse impact to any surrounding systems. She is passionate about working through change processes with others, always making sure her clients have an increased capacity to navigate future change. Kelsey is curious by nature and believes there is something she can learn from everyone.  

Kelsey’s career experience includes overseeing quality management systems and regulatory requirements for a medical device manufacturing company. She’s also worked as an independent consultant serving medical device and oil and gas clients across the U.S. and Canada. Following completion of her master’s degree, Kelsey worked on U.S. government projects ranging from enterprise system implementations, process improvement initiatives, and strategic business planning program development. Kelsey received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Vermont, and her Master of Applied Science, civil engineering, from the University of British Columbia.  

  • Alternate career: Architectural conservator
  • HobbIE: gardening & RENOVATING HER 1924 Home.
  • QUOTE TO LIVE BY: “You don’t know what you don’t know, until you do.”