What We Do

Speed and adaptability will own the future. Organizations that put a high premium on these traits, no matter their size or industry, will win. Propeller helps organizations move fast and act small.



Develop actionable strategies that advance business outcomes and deliver results.

This includes:

  • Business + Opportunity Assessments
  • Strategic Planning + Execution
  • Business Case Realization
  • Merger + Integration Execution
  • Business + Operating Model Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
View Strategy Case Study

Strategy Case Study

Improving the Call Center Experience at a Cloud Computing Tech Giant



Improve the customer journey through innovative interactions across channels, platforms, and devices that exceed expectations and build advocacy. 

This includes:

  • Omni-channel Commerce
  • Marketing + Product Management
  • Fulfillment + Logistics
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Service Operations
  • Customer Journey + Experience Design
View Customer Case Study

Customer Case Study

Improving Fulfillment For a Growing E-Commerce Business at a Major Retailer



Cultivate a high performance organization that is agile and engaged, aligning your culture, talent, and strategy. 

This includes:

  • Change Management
  • Communication + Training Delivery
  • Knowledge Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Team Leadership + Development
  • Organizational Effectiveness + Alignment
  • People Strategy

    View People Case Study

    People Case Study

    Evaluating a Fast Growing Organization For Optimal Performance



    Maximize operational efficiency by reducing complexity, ensuring quality, and improving productivity.

    This includes:

    • Process Reengineering + Improvement
    • Supply Chain Optimization + Management
    • Operational Excellence
    • Enterprise Performance Management
    • Lean/Six Sigma Adoption
    View Process Case Study

    Process Case Study

    Improving The Patient Experience at a Critical Medical Center



    Leverage technology to gain insights, transform processes, and innovate for competitive advantage.

    This includes:

    • Technology Enablement + Implementation
    • Vendor + Solution Evaluation
    • Agile Leadership
    • Digital Transformation
    • Product Management
    • PMO Design, Set-Up, and Evaluation
    • Program + Portfolio Management
    • Project Reset + Rescue
    View Technology Case Study

    Technology Case Study

    Going Paperless at a Financial Services Company