A Global Retailer Seeks to Introduce Agile and Develop a Transformation Roadmap

The Problem

The enterprise technology organization of a large global retailer was just beginning to explore how and why to adopt Agile as part of its project management methodology. Propeller was engaged on a six-month program to introduce Agile basics to the organization, establish an initial roadmap or transformation based on desired outcomes, and "check-and-adjust" based on transforming three pilot projects. A senior Agile enterprise coaching resource was engaged full time to work at all levels of the organization at once, guiding the best approach to overall adoption and tactically holding true to Agile best practices with intent and measurable outcomes.


The Approach

Propeller began by forming a leadership coalition of champions in order to understand and prioritize the desired outcomes of their Agile transformation. Working with this team, we assessed Agile maturity at a Team and Organizational level and created an initial roadmap and approach. This approach identified three disparate Agile pilot teams/projects to transform over a three-month period with measurable outcomes. The enterprise coach supported this initial effort with a curated Agile Training program and a detailed Agile User Guide, including a step-by-step approach to spinning up new Agile products and delivering via Scrum practices (Roles, Ceremonies, and Artifacts). The coach worked with the three pilots over the course of their delivery to incrementally improve their practices as well as the leadership coalition to begin to enhance organizational processes to support Agile delivery, including, but not limited to: Portfolio, Budget, and DevOps.

Services Provided

  • Agile Coaching  + Leadership
  • Team Leadership + Development
  • Agile Methodology
  • Change Management

Value Delivered

Propeller successfully piloted Agile, informing the organization on where Agile transformation would result in the most benefit for the organization. Based on these results, we worked with the Agile champions to update the maturity roadmap leaving them with tactical next steps in their continuing transformation. Additionally, we delivered the mechanism for continuing Agile education in the form of training, templates, and a User Guide to ensure sustainable team and organizational Agile practices. At last check-in, they continue to mature, spinning up additional teams and measuring outcomes periodically.