Propel Her Event Recap: Emotional Wellbeing in the “Next” Normal

In the last 3 months, the world as we know it seems to have shifted its axis. The Covid-19 pandemic, intensification of racial injustice tensions, and record unemployment, have intersected, creating new and evolving pressures on our professional and personal lives. As we all work to navigate our “next normal”, it is more important than ever to dedicate time and space for mental wellness and building resilience.

Inspired by recent stressors, Propeller hosted its first virtual Propel Her event: Emotional Wellbeing in the “Next” Normal. As an organization, we wanted to address the anxiety, loneliness, stress, and confusion that can come with uncertainty and change, and explore ways to connect our community in an authentic and vulnerable way

We asked three industry experts to provide their personal and professional insights, and share some tactics for managing the ambiguity and intensity of this moment. Together, we explored how to support our teams from afar, what we can do to stay connected to our communities, and most importantly, how to check-in with ourselves to stay healthy. 

Ciara Clarity, Change Management Consultant at Propeller, Kylene Young, Director of Strategic Planning & Program Management at Airbnb, and Claire Costello, Wellness Expert, joined us to discuss strategies to build resilience, ways to schedule our day to decrease burnout, and share stories of virtual connection. On behalf of my fellow event organizers, JD Johnson and Ashley Stuparichit was a pleasure to bring these important topics of discussion to our audiences.

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from the evening:

I focus on what I can control and set healthy boundaries and ensure that I reinforce them. I’m "yes" girl, but I’m focusing on what is healthy for me—and that means sometimes saying no. — Ciara Claraty, Propeller
When faced with a challenge, think about the inner resource that would most serve my well-being at this time. Pause, let something come up: humor, image of positivity, feelings of perseverance. Put that image, feeling, or thought in front of you, behind you, to the right of you, to the left of you, above you, and below you. All around you. Shapeshift the moment with this image and allow it to serve your well-being. — Claire Costello, Wellness Expert
Whenever life gets tough, I think about what my grandma used to tell me, which was: ‘Ky, you just gotta go look at the birds. Because what do the birds do? They just keep pecking away. And that’s what you gotta do. — Kylene Young, Airbnb

Want to learn more about emotional Intelligence and resilience, how age and gender influence loneliness, work-from-home challenges, and six key ideas for self-care? Check out our post event page to watch the full event recording, download presentation materials, and learn more about these topics from our insightful panelists.

Each experience is unique, but the techniques we use to remain grounded are universal. The tips and tricks that our panel discuss will translate from this current event to the next, and continue to remain relevant throughout your personal and professional career. Be sure to subscribe to our Propel Her list If you’d like to receive updates on events like this, or invites to future online events.

About Propel Her

In 2017, three women founded our first gender diversity initiative, Propel Her. Propel Her is an initiative launched to help women and non-binary folks increase their presence, influence, and professional partnerships in their communities and the workplace. Through its events and partnerships, Propel Her aims to provide guidance and tools that support gender-diverse leaders, including mentorship, negotiations, conflict resolution, and leadership.