Consulting work can seem nebulous. Few people have a solid understanding of what, exactly, it is that consultants do all day. No day is typical, so we wanted to offer a firsthand look from one of our consultants. Additionally, because our San Francisco office is still growing and our team is relatively small, we wanted to give a glimpse into the unique experiences of a team that is still forming in a new market. We interviewed our San Francisco-based consultant, Kristine Biscocho. 

1. You’ve lived in San Francisco for a number of years, what do you think are the best parts about living and working in San Francisco?

I’ve lived in San Francisco for most of the last 10 years. I appreciate the mild weather (gloomy summers and all!), the diverse and delicious food, and many places to explore. It’s also very easy to “escape” the city and enjoy nearby areas. Wine country, Sausalito, and Half Moon Bay are some favorites. 

2. What do you enjoy most about consulting work?

I’m constantly learning. I enjoy the variety of work and challenges that come with each new project. I also enjoy learning about my clients and experiencing different company cultures. 

3. You've worked at a larger consulting firm and now at Propeller, a smaller firm. What do you think are the key differences?

Intentional focus on improving the employee experience and creating an awesome company culture are two of the big reasons why I joined Propeller. Having transitioned from a large, established firm, I see why this is easier to achieve with a smaller firm that has this focus from the onset. As an example, while this seems like a small thing, every new hire is a cause for celebration. When there’s an announcement that we have a new addition to our team, you can feel the excitement. It’s like everyone is silently (or maybe not so silently) cheering and clapping!

I also feel that I can make a greater impact on the growth and success of Propeller.  While this is possible at a larger firm, there’s a difference in magnitude of impact. 

4. What does a typical day look like working at Propeller?

9AM • Get to the office.  Drink some tea (one of my 2018 resolutions is to drink less coffee!).  Scan through emails and make some final edits for materials I’m using in my meeting in an hour

10AM • Meet with my executive sponsor and client to review progress, discuss open items, issues and risks and share some initial findings on the assessment I’m working on. 

11AM • Update my deliverables and schedule additional meetings based on feedback from my 10 am meeting. Follow-up with some folks to chase down data I need for my assessment.

11:30AM • Quick call with the restaurant hosting our Propeller holiday party (1st ever in San Francisco!) to finalize last minute details.

12PM • Lunch with a Propellerite at a new poke spot I’m currently obsessed with. We catch-up on fun work and life stories! 

1:30PM • Meet with a client stakeholder for their input and perspective on the assessment I’m working on.

2PM • Working session with client counterparts to continue our work on some process improvements I’m helping with as a side project.

3PM • Phone interview with a Propeller candidate to learn about their background and answer any and all questions they have about Propeller.

4PM • Meet with another client stakeholder to get their input and perspective.

5PM • Catch-up on emails, send a few emails and follow-ups, make additional deliverable updates.

6PM • Head home!

8PM • Do some combination of client and/or Propeller work. (This certainly isn’t required by my client or Propeller, but I do this to help me feel set-up for the next day!) 

5. What are the benefits and challenges of working for a team that is still in early stages of growth?

The biggest benefit is endless opportunity to make a difference and an impact given the size of our company. The biggest challenge in San Francisco is name and brand recognition. The clients who work with us know that we deliver great work and want to keep working with us.  However, there are clients and companies who aren’t as familiar with us and the value we can bring so we have opportunity in that area.

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